New Zealand

With a population over 4.4 million, New Zealand is probably the best place in the world map that provides an exciting lifestyle, youthful society, and vast opportunities. An island nation in the south-west Pacific comprising of two main landmasses, North and South islands and numerous smaller islands is a great place to live, study and work.

Why Study in New Zealand?

  • In New Zealand, you will enjoy quality education with tuition and living cost, which is quite reasonable. Thousands of international students choose to study here, exploring new study programmes, which can take their career to new heights
  • The economy of New Zealand is a market economy that depends greatly on international trade, mainly with Australia , USA, China, South Korea and Japan.
  • New Zealand is the highest-ranked i.e. least corrupt country on the Transparency International corruption perceptions index.
  • New Zealand Lifestyle is one of the main attractions for people when immigrating to New Zealand. Whether you spend your leisure time indoors or outdoors; walking the hills or playing on the beach; shopping or going to the Theatre, New Zealand has something for everyone.

Affordable Cost

New Zealand's education system is a three-tier model, which comprises of primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary education at universities and polytechnics. The cost of an undergraduate program is anything between NZ$15,000–$25,000 a year depending on the course. The Postgraduate study generally cost between $ 30000- 40000 per year.

Reasonable Cost of Living

Numerous accommodation options are available to international students that include campus stay, home stay with a local family or off-campus accommodation in a rented flat usually shared by friends or acquaintances. Halls of Residence are generally located a short walk from campus where the rooms are single or twin-share, with communal laundry, lounge room, and dining hall. Meals are usually provided, and all dietary needs can be catered for.

Huge Skill Shortage

New Zealand has a significant shortage of skilled workers. It is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL).There are various job openings for skilled people in industries such as medicine, engineering and IT. But there are also opportunities to contribute more general skills. If you find a job, which is on a skill shortage list and you have the qualifications and experience to fulfill then it will be much easier for you to get absorbed and procuring residence visa.